ACTAS TRADING SDN BHD is a liquor and wine manufacturer, importer, distributor, bottler and exporter located at Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that encourages the uninitiated and connoisseur amongst us to appreciate its vast collection of liquor and wines from all around the world.
OUR’s mission is to provide high quality liquor and wines as well as great services along with the facts and techniques of manufacturing liquor and wine bottling and making plus tasting.


  • Provide the most quality and best price products
  • Provide Employees with an Attractive Working Environment
  • Maintain High Ethical Standards
  • Continuous Improvement on our Products & Services

Parallel to this, we also work with various levels of clientele to further develop different level segments for Malaysian wine and liquor market in ensuring that our customers are constantly able to appreciate the ever improving liquor as well as new and old wines imported from countries around the world such as Australia, Argentina, Italy, France, Chile, Portugal and Switzerland.

We are one of the major role model players in developing the bulk wine bottling for the Malaysian in the sense of enabling them to enjoy top quality wine at an affordable price for wine starter. From the order record of our customers, this is proven a success.

We provide premium quality range of liquor and fine wines from around the world whereby customer satisfaction & their value are essential to us. Therefore, we will always assist our customers in their purchase decisions by providing additional information while they discover the art of liquor and wine. Our goal is to assist each customer in their buying decisions, as well as providing education and information to enhance their liquor and wine experiences.

Green Bar Whisky 1933 is a economic Whisky that everyone can afford

Green Bar Whisky 1933

JF Dominic XO-Extra Gold is Your choice of Exceptonal a Genuine Pleasure Have In Your Glass

JF Dominic XO-Extra Gold

JF Dominic Whisky is a drink for discerning People

JF Dominic Whisky

Bar Whisky 1933 - Platinum is The Significant Of PLATINUM

Bar Whisky 1933 - Platinum

Green Bar Whisky 1933 The Prestigious Of "GREEN LABEL"

Green Bar Whisky 1933 is aged in oak casks & blended according to master blender's finest tradition.It has smoother, more intense and a genuine pleasure to have in your glass.

JF Dominic XO-Extra Gold A Genuine Pleasure Have In Your Glass

Rounded up with a pinch of oak and spice, it has smooth and polished tannins. Hence, it has more intense and a genuine pleasure to have in your glass.

JF Dominic Whisky A drink for discerning People

Extremely rich and multi-layered, JF Dominic Premium Whisky naturally belongs to the elite. It is distilled, aged in oak casks & blended according to master blender's finest tradition. A drink for discerning people.

Bar Whisky 1933 - Platinum The Significant Of "PLATINUM"

Our Premium Blended Whisky. This premium blended whisky is EXTREMELY rich and multi-layered rounded up with a pinch of oak and spice